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Linux Live Search...

So... The other day I decided to set up 'locate' to find files in my home network shares, /home/ghostis and /sandbox/ghostis. To do so, I did the following: % mkdir /home/ghostis/Documents/locate Added the an updatedb job to my crontab on my laptop: 15,30 * * * * updatedb --netpaths='/home/ghostis /sandbox/ghostis' --output=/home/ghostis/Documents/locate/locatedb --localpaths=' ' Now I can do faster searches of filenames via: locate -d ~/Documents/locate/locatedb sometextinfilename But, then I thought, "What's the absurd extreme?" Linux Live Search! So I baked a quick bash script: % cat #!/bin/bash clear echo "Please type something. (Escape spaces. Ctrl-C to quit)" echo "------------------------------------------" echo "Query: $WORD" echo "------------------------------------------" while read -s -n1 KEY do clear if [ "$KEY" = "" ] then WORD=`echo "$WOR