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How do I find which package contains a certain file?

What to do if you need to install or build a package on Linux and it wants a missing file/library/etc... Have you ever tried to install package or some vendor software, only to find that the install fails due to a missing library? Here is a collection of methods for finding the package that contains the missing file.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS Using yumyum whatprovides /full/path/to/missing/filename Note: In all of these processes, fill in the actual filename and path for which you are looking.

Using rpmfind siteBrowse to filename or /full/path/to/missing/filename in the search box (start with just the filename)Check boxes of rpm-based distributions in which you want to searchClick search Debian/Ubuntu apt-filesudo aptitude install apt-file sudo apt-file update apt-file search filename or
apt-file search /full/path/to/missing/filename Using Debian's websiteBrowse to to …