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Using Google and Bing in Systems Administration - A Brief Note.

Use both search engines Although Microsoft and Google claim that they do not alter search results to promote their interests, they do. It's not necessarily a bad tactic [1]. Just be aware of the behavior. General Steps If you have a general problem, troubleshoot until you have a specific issue/question. If you cannot figure out the answer, run it through both Google and Bing. If you get results, it's either known configuration problem or a known issue with your product. Hopefully there will be a solution. If you get no results, you can generally assume that you are making a common configuration mistake, the solution to which is considered so self-evident that user community of your product doesn't feel it's worth writing up. Re-read your manuals, guides, and tutorials. See the XKCD flowchart for a similar process for family IT problem resolution. No Results At All If you get no results on a specific issue search for a product that is specific to a par