Friday, January 20, 2012

"cmore": Colorized text paging using vim...

Sometimes, I want colorized syntax and nice navigation for paging. We can use vim to provide this service. This assumes your terminal client supports the terminal type "xterm-color". If you need another color terminal type, customize accordingly.
  • Install all of the standard vim packages
  • Add alias cmore="TERM=xterm-color vim -R -" to your ~/.profile
  • Add the following [1] to your ~/.vimrc
syntax on
hi Comment ctermfg=Blue guifg=Blue
hi String ctermfg=LightRed guifg=LightRed

  • Reload your profile: source ~/.profile
  • Usage: cat | cmore 
  •  It's vim in read-only mode, so use :q to quit.

[1] I found the default colors to be too dark.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Intellectual Property Hack: Use copyright law and patent law together.

Perhaps this is feasible, perhaps not.

For an invention, first patent it, then copyright everything about it - renderings, 3D files, specifications, design documents, build process documents, manufacturing process documents, exploded views, parts lists, etc - whatever is allowed by your country's copyright laws. Someone could build it after the patent expires, but they may have a hard time communicating about the invention without creating a derivative work. Copyright protection in the U.S.A. potentially extends to over 100 years.