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How do I convert spaces to underscores in file names and directory names on Linux?

Have you ever wanted to change all the spaces to underscores in a directory?  After going through various methods, the following is the most reliable way that I have found for bash users. Note, that there are many ways to accomplish this task. These examples should be typed in as a single line : find . -depth -maxdepth 1 -name "* *" -exec sh -c 'mv "${0}" "${0// /_}"' {} \; Note that '-maxdepth 1' changes spaces to underscores for files, directories, and links in the current directory. Changing that number to 2 or more will change spaces to underscores two or more levels deep in the current file system tree in addition to the current directory. Leaving out -maxdepth 1 will change spaces to underscores in the entire tree. Note also that the '.' means start in the current directory . You can certainly put other paths in place of the dot.  You can even put what is called a globbing pattern : find music* -depth -maxdepth 1