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Systems Administration Koans [2008]

Some koans... ----------- A sysadmin asked the Master, "What's the best way to install a new system?" The Master answered, "Turn it on." The sysadmin was enlightened. ----------- A sysadmin asked the Master, "What's the root password to this server?" The Master asked, "Do you have access to the console?" The sysadmin replied, "Yes." The Master replied, "The root password is whatever you want it to be." The sysadmin was enlightened. ----------- An sysadmin seeks approval from the Master: "Master, I have designed and implemented a system with no single points of failure!" The Master answered, "Have you documented it?" "Not yet - I wanted to get it done first." The Master asked, "Give me the name of a team member that can build another one without seeing you or contacting you." "Well, I can't, yet - I just built it." The