Sunday, June 26, 2011

Calorie Count Comment

Calorie Count's Food Log interface uses the wrong measurement...

To lose a pound a week, one needs to use 500 kcals more per day than one consumes. 1lb fat = ~3500kcals. 3500kcal/7days = 500kcals/day. On a given day, all that matters is this delta. A hard maximum calorie intake per day is irrelevant. The current Food Log has one eat to a daily maximum calorie limit that one sets in one's diet preferences. This is incorrect, in my opinion.

I think they should redesign the food log meter so that it only tracks one's delta between daily caloric burn rate and current calories consumed. This interface would warn when the *delta* approaches the minimum delta to maintain the desired weekly weight loss (generally 500kcal/day).

In one's preferences, instead of setting a daily calorie cap, one would only set how pounds/week they want to lose. The food log meter would calculate the daily caloric delta from this value. With this interface, if someone does an activity, they get immediate feedback that they can eat more. It would also allow for people to splurge on another day during the week, if they cut another day short.