Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Idea: Bed Bug Killing Hotel Room

Idea: A hotel room that has an integrated heating system and process to kill bed bugs between guests.

(If it hasn't been done already. ;-)
  • Comprehensive re-engineering of everything in a hotel room to withstand 150 F temperatures, including:
    • Electronics
    • Wood finishes.
    • Bedding materials.
    • Carpeting.
    • Window treatments.
    • and other materials and items that stay in the room between guests.
  • Integrated heating system (perhaps even the normal heating system, reprogrammed.), that will bring the room up to 150 degrees F for the time period needed to kill bed bugs.
    • Room completely sealed to be airtight relative to other rooms, except for airtight resealable ventilation ducts. 
    • Movement, vapor, smoke, sound sensors in the room and under the bed, desk, and tables.
    • Safety cutoffs for smoke, unknown vapors, movement, sound, etc. that kill process and open door.
    • Process can only be triggered from outside the room.
    • Picto-graphic activation system to allow for room maids for whom to local language is not their first language.  One method could be to use a specially marked door lock card.
    • Door auto-locks until the heating process is done to prevent external ingress.
    • Door has release from the inside that kills process and unlocks door and sends notification.
    • Activation is part of the pre-guest room checklist.
    • Hotel policy enforced by an information system that prevents the allocation of a room before it has had the bed bug treatment.
    • Reporting for state/city inspections.
  • Tax and insurance breaks for hotels with this system to encourage adoption.
Update! The basic concept has been tested here
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